New Right-Wing Party Forming in Israel…….

The National Union Party and the National Religious Party have agreed to join forces in order to appeal to wider demographics in Israel. Electing a new government in Israel will begin early next year, and the Likud, under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu, is already being touted as the party to beat. How this new Right-wing party will factor in the upcoming elections is hard to say, but one thing is for sure, both Kadima and Labour face an enormous uphill climb in regaining the peoples’ confidence they once had. KGS

YNET: Knesset’s right-wing factions merge to form new party

Factions comprising National Union-National Religious Party agree on merge, declare birth of new right-wing party intended to appeal to broad voter demographic, including seculars, that will serve as ‘political home’ for entire right-wing movement. No leader has emerged yet, and no one knows how said leader will be elected.

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