Lidless Eye at LGF Overlooks Tundra Tabloids Being Linked…….

Well well, the Lidless Eye at LGF has a blind side after all… it’s in his own backyard. Someone at LGF linked to two of theTundra Tabloids’ posts. How did CJ manage to miss that?
The first post from this past June, when Dr.Daniel Pipes came to Helsinki, the Tundra Tabloids had the privilege of arranging an interview for him at an undisclosed address overlooking the Helsinki harbor.

The second post linked to, was about Finland’s former President, (and Nobel Peace Prize winner) Martti Ahatisaari.

First Robert Spencer defends Fjordman, now this! KGS

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  1. Hey, Those are MY POSTS!

    Charles has since removed all traces of those links and any mention of TT.

    Although I have been a visitor of LGF for 6 years or so and a visitor to TT for the past 2 years or so, I regret that until now, I wasn’t aware of the disdain CJ has for TT.

    As an American of predominately Finnish (3/4, with 1/4 German) Heritage, I turn to TT to keep up with what the HS, et al, will not cover. The more I read on TT, the sadder and more furious I get as I learn what(unless through some miraculous change of course) will be the sure path towards destruction of my ancestral homeland, if not the free world.

    Despite the acrimony between the two websites, I will continue to be a regular visitor to both and refuse to be caught in between whatever issues you may have with each other.


    Matthew (aka Quad Mocha Matti)

  2. Hi Matthew,

    You are more than welcome here, didn’t mean for the glare of the “lidless one” to be focused on you.

    The brouhaha is of course due to CJ’s hubris over the Counter-Jihad in Europe defining for itself which political group will be welcomed.

    He is slowly but surely being left alone in the corner, while people of note in the US concervative blogosphere are looking at us here in a new light.

    You are more than welcome here, regardless of which side of the debate you find yourself in.


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