YID With LID: NRO Cover’s Obama Birth Certificate-Lawsuits Spread to EIGHT States…….

All it takes is a few minutes to clear up a misunderstanding about Obama’s birth certificate, and yet it appears that Barack Obama is stalling for time. If in fact the worst suspicions about his citizenship are proven to have been justified, does Obama believe that by winning the election, he will by default be given a free pass?

Good question, but I doubt he will be allowed to get away with it. But back to square one, if he is indeed a bonified US citizen, and never has held dual citizenship, then why in the world is he not making a full disclosure? Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs has been all over this one from the very beginning, and has been taking flack from other concervative bloggers for supposedly beating a dead horse.

But in the Tundra Tabloids’ opinion, regardless if she is proven to be right or wrong about Obama, the question remains, why is Obama not giving a full disclosure to the validity of his birth certificate? A man with nothing to hide, hides nothing, including his royal-messiah-ness. KGS

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