Islam Co-opts British History: 1000 Years of Islam in Britain…….

That’s right folks, Islam invented Europe, everything except its imperialist and colonialist tendancies that is.

Reading Islam: “Many of us hold the perception that the Muslim communities of Britain were the result of post-war mass migration, and to some extent this is true. But among the talks during the Islam Awareness Week — an annual week of activities aimed at encouraging knowledge and understanding of Islam across the United Kingdom by engaging local communities — was “1000 years of Islam in Britain” by Mohammad Siddique Seddon of the Islamic Foundation.”

Riiiight. From the good King Offa of Mercia, a wealthy Anglo-Saxon king, to the brother of Richard the Lionheart, King John, -who supposedly was willing to submit himself and his kingdom to the rule of Islam- Christian Europe was just enthralled by Islam, and was willing to accept Islam if not for tiny twists of fate.

This is the same tripe that was served up in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago by the visiting OIC sec-Gen Ishanoglu, who co-opted just about every European achievement imagineable. Go ahead and read the rest of it, but keep the vomit bucket at hand. KGS

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