Belgian Proposal: No Funding For Virginity Reverts…….

What is a Muslim woman to do if she’s been sexually active, or even raped, and wants to maintain the cloak of respectablitity that Islam demands from its women?

One option of course is hymen reconstruction better known as “vagina and vulva plastic surgery”. But who is to pay for this luxury of luxuries? Up until now, the Belgian taxpayer.

The objection to state funding of such operations, is coming from one of the least likely corners of Belgium’s political arena. It is none other than, Anne-Marie Lizin, of the Walloon Socialist Party.

Via: Islam in Europe, EuropeNews and the Sheik, comes the tale of a lone, odd bird in Belgium’s Walloon Socialist Party, that actually gets it, how long she remains a credible politician in the eyes of her peers is another question altogether. KGS

Belgium: Proposal not to fund ‘virginity operations’

Islam in Europe October 15 2008

Belgian politician Anne-Marie Lizin of the Walloon Socialist Party wants to stop state subsidy of ‘virginity operations’. The enthusiastic senator presented a law proposal saying that hymen reconstruction operations will no longer be reimbursed by the RIVIZ national health insurance. Muslim men in particular want their future wives to be virgin during the wedding night. In some cultures the bloodied sheet is displayed after the first night and girls who had sex previously cannot do so.

Therefore, more and more women are having their hymen reconstructed. According to Lizin, some immigrant women are even urged to get a virginity certificate. Hymen reconstruction is currently being reimbursed in Belgium by the RIZIV as “vagina and vulva plastic surgery”. This is really meant for repairing damage as a result of births, burns and abscesses. Is there are medical reasons, then there would be reimbursement for the procedure. In the Netherlands hymen reconstruction is fully reimbursed as part of the basic insurance.

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