Helsingin Sanomat’s Virve Kähkönen Reports on Child Marriages, But Forgets to Mention Islam…….

In what promised to be an interesting and informative story about the Islamic practice of adult males taking child brides for themselves , soon evaporated into an article describing another problem within the “developing world”. The journalist totally ignored the fact that when it’s an Islamic developing state in question, it can no longer be depicted as simply being a “cultural practice”.
Islam or Muslim was not anywhere to be seen in the article:
“Even though the majority of child brides are mostly the problem of the world’s poorest countries’, also the Europeans are confronted with the phenomenon. For example, British newspapers have, throughout the year written about the disapperance of girls from British schools. It’s suspected in Britain that underage girls are being sent abroad to enter into the marriage.”
What girls is the journalist talking about? Does she expect us to believe that just “any girl” is being bundled up and sent abroad to get married to a waiting peadophile, or are these girls actually the daughters of immigrant Muslims who are sending them off against their will to be pyhsically and mentally abused by male Muslim adults?
It has to be said that there is the Islamic/religious element involved in the disgusting practice of “sex with prepubescent girls” which gives it not only a cloak of respectability, but also serves to ensure that the victimization of these young girls will remain as a permanent feature within these societies.
What’s in question, is an Islamic pratice based on the life example and teachings of the madman prophet himself, and if it was sanctioned by “Mohamed”, then it means adult Muslim males will continue to have sex with nine year olds.

Why is it that those of us in the blogosphere are usually the ones who are raising these thorny issues, in the correct, honest way, and not the journalists who do “news reporting” as a living? One simply can’t dismiss Virve Kähkönen’s obmission of the major role Islam plays in female child abuse, as an oversight. It was a calculated editorial decision made within the Helsingin Sanomat itself. For those of you not yet familar with Islamic sanctioned child abuse, watch the video. By their deeds you shall know them. KGS

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