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The New Fascists in Antifa Clothing…….

The color Black. That’s the dress they choose for themselves, how appropriate is that? The Antifa goon squad that broke up the Pro-Cologne rally over the weekend with the help of the local police, must be really pleased with themselves.m (Pic taken from La Yijad en Eurabia)
It’s highly unlikely that many within the Antifa crowd would be interested in talking about why they think strong arm tactics within a democracy is in fact a good thing. Most (if not all) of the self-called “anti-Fascists” exhibited many of the same qualities of the ideology they are supposedly demonstrating against.
Of course the wearing of black does not automatically signify an individuals ideology, but when it’s a group exhibiting a herd mentality, accompanied with face masks and hoods, well, …it at least signifies that these people were up to no good. That they are engaging in such tactics to supposedly “safeguard” civil liberties and human rights is outrageous. They clearly demonstrated that they are not the vanguard of civil society, but the champions of violence, mayhem for the destruction of it. Nihilists.
The people who were showing up for the Pro-Cologne rally to demonstrate against Islamization, chose to wave banners and pass out pamphlets and speak in a civil manner and gather in the square designated for the event to hear speakers deliver their speeches. It was a legal event, and if anyone begged to differ with their message, they most assuredly would be able to do so, and would have been engaged with intellectual argumentation, not clubs, rocks and up in the face intimidation.
The first sign that an argument is lost, is the desperate attempt to shut the other person(s) up through any means available. Geert Wilders was silenced by Dutch state TV the other week while addressing the Dutch parliament, and the Pro-Cologne rally was shut up by Antifa goons and ilk this past weekend. Here is a picture of a banner being held up by, (I believe) two Vlaams Belang supporters gathered at the event.

The banner reads: “The new fascism does not say: “I am fascism”. It says: “I am anti-fascism”. (Ignazio Silone – Socialist)”

Antifa and ilk were marching under the banner of “anti-Fascism”, but were they? Why would an open democracy need thugs to protect it from anything at all? Why is it that they are afraid of an open, intellectual debate of the facts? Why is it that they need to “shut the other the hell up” so that no one can hear and decide for themselves?

It’s because being socialists themselves, they are for the multicultural policies that have taken the place of international socialism. The utopians are still at it, though their ideology has been exposed as a fraud and a detriment to society, (meaning both international and national socialism) they aim to get it right, nonetheless, this time around and damn anybody that gets in the way.

Heh, …if they think the that Counterjihad stands in the way of a normal society, just wait until Europe becomes more deeply Islamized, then the “anti-Fascists” (they’re not, ) will get a big dose of wake up, but it’ll be too late. KGS

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  1. In Finland, the Police have not yet capitulated to the hooded street thugs. However, I suspect that the day is not too far in the future.

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