Leftist Antifa Thugs Violently Attack Peaceful Anti-Islamization Protestors…….

The Brown Shirts of our time. The utopians have worn a number of different colors during the past 150 years, going from red to brown and black, and back to red again, after the demise of National Socialism in 1945.

In short, socialists have found it not too difficult of an ideological trip to make in their journey from one color to the other, without even the raising of an eyebrow. It’s as interesting of a phenomenon as it is creepy.

The progressive writer Paul Berman speaks of these shifting colors in his book, “Terror And Liberalism“. Though he wrongly places Communism and Fascism on opposite sides in the political spectrum, (they’re not, both are socialists ideologies as George Watson proves in his book, “The Lost Literature of Socialism“) he does however, correctly take note of how, at the end of the Second World War, Fascists of Vichy France returning to the party fold of international Communism.

One has to remember that even Mussolini, a hard line Communist with solid credentials became the figure head for Fascism, and was all the rage and envy around the world.

It’s not however, one bit ironic that after the Afghan Communists defeat by the US supported Mujaheddin, they turned in their red flags for the white flags of Islam. It was this group that became the Taliban, the group responsible for aiding and abetting Osama Bin-Laden and his al-Qaida band of terrorists.

The reason for this brief history lesson of the interconnected relationship between the three utopian “isms” of Communism, Fascism and Islamism, is due to the strong arm tactics of the Antifa brand of “state sanctioned thuggism”.

Antifa thugs, with the wink and a nod from the Cologne government, have recently attacked peaceful protesters who are simply voicing their views concerning Islam and Islamism, and the threat it poses to their democratic institutions and way of life. Their actions have also kept key note speakers from addressing the crowd of protesters, as well as convening the planned conference. The Baron has a report here:

Chaos in Cologne by Baron Bodissey
I’ve just received word from a contact in Cologne who was planning to attend the Anti-Islamization Conference sponsored by the Pro-Köln movement and Cities Against Islamization. Here’s what he says:
Basically, today’s events have not been able to take place.The airports have been blocked by the Antifa people, which has meant that key speakers have been unable to get to the event. There has been violence by the Antifa groups, and the police have used water cannons.Fights are breaking out frequently as the anti-fascists use their bully-boy tactics without fear of any real consequences against them by the authorities.There are many elderly people who are concerned about Islamisation, but the camera crews are just filming the few groups of skinheads that are there. So predictable. It seems that the German authorities are not in control of Cologne or they are they are deliberately letting the Antifas rule.The sound for speakers has been cut off and people who are attending this legal demonstration have been told to leave. The Antifas are cheering and beating their drums proclaiming victory for their cause. The collusion that appears to exist between the Antifas and the police is outrageous.There is chaos in Cologne. The streets belong to the anarchists. Apparently Filip Dewinter couldn’t get through to the area of the demonstration.And here’s a report from Expatica :- – – – – – – – Cologne, Germany — Rightists who converged on the German city of Cologne to protest against a planned mosque scuffled with opponents Friday and were prohibited by police from marching into immigrant neighborhoods.Police have called in reinforcements, fearing riots on Saturday against the “Anti-Islamization Conference.”The far-right rally plans have upset the Islamic world. The government of Iran appealed to Germany to prohibit the demonstration but Berlin says it has no powers to do this.The German Interior Ministry criticized the rally. “Such a gathering of populists and extremists harms the co-existence that the city and Muslim citizens have striven for,” said an Interior Ministry spokeswoman. She said the integration of Muslims was “a central task.”Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman Thomas Steg added that Berlin policies favored “inter-cultural dialogue.”A city group, Pro Cologne, which won 5 percent of votes at the last city council elections, has invited 1,000 to 1,500 rightwing extremists from all over Europe to join it Saturday at a protest against building a grand mosque.Hundreds of people sympathetic to the mosque plan demonstrated Friday at the empty site, which belongs to Ditib, an organization funded by Ankara to build mosques for Turkish-speaking Muslims.In low-level violence Friday, reporters saw rightists chase a lone man across a main road and shove him.Far-left protesters shoved and punched a far-right official and pelted a river cruise boat with stones after the rightists hired it as a venue for a news conference.Police commanders accused Pro Cologne of endangering public safety by failing to disclose the group’s planned movements and prohibited the rightists’ planned “tour” on Friday of multi-ethnic neighborhoods as a threat to the peace.Eight leftists were detained Friday for violence.Pro Cologne has invited rightists from Belgium, France and Austria to the Saturday demonstration.The mayor of Cologne, Fritz Schramma, said on Deutschlandfunk public radio, “We don’t want their conference and along with a great majority of Cologne people we’ll be obstructing them.”Trade unions and mainstream parties forecast 40,000 will attend a counter-demonstration on Saturday.The mosque, close to a soaring telecommunications tower in a district on the edge of town, is to have a dome 37 meters high and two minarets stretching up 55 meters.I’ll post more as it comes in.

UPDATE: Transworld News has more on the violence: German Left-Wing Demonstrators Clash with Police Over Right-Wing Rally
Atlanta, Ga. 9.20.2008 04:15 GMT More than 3,000 left-wing demonstrators protesting a rally that was to be held by a right-wing group opposed to the building of a mosque clashed with German police in Cologne on Saturday.

The left-wing demonstrators hurled stones at police who were trying to ensure the safety of the right-wing group Pro-Koeln who were holding a two-day rally to protest plans to build a mosque in Cologne. The police had cordoned off a section of the city for the rally but the rally was eventually banned as authorities noted it was in the best interest of public safety.

Pro-Koeln has protested the “Islamification” of Europe and called for a return to “Western values and Christian traditions.” Plans to build one of Europe’s largest mosques was approved by the municipal council in Cologne with a completion date scheduled some time in 2009.So Antifa’s numbers fall way short of the earlier estimations of 40 thousand. Shame on the Germans in Cologne for being upset about their own colonization, Islam is the way for the future didn’t you know? With 120 000 Muslims in a city of 300 000 950 000, it looks like Cologne’s Islamization is all but ensured.See how the picture is painted, those who have nothing against immigration but everything against the Islamizing of their city, are painted as the dreaded “nationalists” (read: Fascists). When has Japan ever been deemed as “nationalist” in the last 40 years, though they are very strict on immigration and keeping Japan…Japanese?The media renders ideological labels meaningless due to their highly buffoonish use of them. How do you conjure up a boogey man? Use the dreaded nationalist label, which means anyone that refuses to accept what the political elites deem to be in society’s best interest. watch out people, if you don’t tow the line, and accept socialist/multicultural politics, your branded as ….a nationalist racist. KGSUPDATE: Here is the Antifa “Brown Shirt” news alert, that helped bring every neanderthal knuckle dragger out in full force in Cologne. May Antifa and its supporters be the first on the Islamist’s “to-do” list once they gain control of Europe. Remember, knuckle dragging utopians tend to devour their closest allies.UPDATE: More coming in. First things first. The TT initially reported that Cologne has a population of around 300 000, it’s actually closer to a million, my apology to the people of Köln. A reader informs me of the actual number in the comment section to this post.Pamela has vids of the rally and mob protest. The Antifa mob are doing what thugs do best, intimidation and violence. Like I said,…thugs.

Check out the lone man being taunted by the herd, this is the society of the future that awaits rest of Europe, if the respect for free speech goes the way of the Dodo bird.

That’s the way AL-REUTERS, show protestors with “stop racism” banners and then a a guy who may or may not be a skin head. The rally was comprised of mom and pop citizens from Cologne and from around the EU, whoare justifiably worried about Islamization. The media is trying to paint the situation as one of being far Leftists against far Rightists, which is not the case.

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