Sweden Set to Deport Iranian Critic of Islam Back to Iran…….

It shouldn’t be, but yet it is nonetheless, a story that seems to pull at the hairs of one’s common sense. The Swedish state is upset with a critic of Islam, but here’s the kicker, it happens to be someone that the Swedish state can get rid of, or at least they believe they can.

Sweden allows all kinds of Muslims (good and bad) into their country, and are loathe to put a cap on the unfettered wave of immigration, but someone who takes a no nonsense approach to Islamism, and well, …she’s shown the door.

DN.se: “Rana Karimzadeh living in Sweden since 2005. She has two Islam-critical blogs, is openly critical of the Iranian regime and politically active in Sweden. Although She and her two daughters who attend school here are to be expelled. On Wednesday a demonstration was held to allow them to stay.

I am worried to go back to Iran, I am counting on punishment for my views and my political activity, “said Rana Karimzadeh. In her two Swedish blogs, she has published controversial criticism of Islam […] Imams and Islamic movements, should be banned from public activities, she writes on the blog.

— In Iran, I was involved in an organization for women’s emancipation and became the subject several times for interrogation by the police. When I came to Europe I am blogging to bring together women in a movement and give information about things that the Iranian regime is doing to women. But my two Iranian blogs on women’s rights was shut down by the regime.

Now here is a woman worth keeping, and the dhimmifide stooges in the immigration department want to divest themselves from her. What gives? Does sheer stupidity have some kind of redeeming quality, that it’s held in high regard within the halls of the Swedish immigration department? Pure lunacy. Let the woman stay where she is, and help defeat the Mullahs through the power of her type pad. KGS

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