Well then again, perhaps not………
FT.com: “The United Nations nuclear watchdog declared on Monday that it had reached a “dead end” in its year-long effort to get Iran to clarify whether it covertly researched the development of a nuclear weapon.
Unveiling one of the most damning reports it has yet published on Iran’s nuclear programme, the International Atomic Energy Agency said it had been unable to make “any substantive progress” in its attempt to get Iran to answer allegations that there may have been a military dimension to its nuclear programme.”
Pamela has it nailed here:

“Five years after Bolton warned and railed against the nuclearization of Iran, the IAEA is finally admitting to the obvious. Imagine that. Years later Bolton warned of, the “point of no return” and “global, balance of power changes in potentially catastrophic ways“, we have reached that point. Now what? Will Condhimmi run to the EU? The perm 5? Russia? Her Pali pals? Dangerous stupidity. And the nuked up Hitler wannabe, who said all of these things, is coming to NY, to speak at the UN. Coming to New York. America has lost her moral center.”
Kidnap him and put him on trial.

More carrots! More time! More Nobel Peace Prizes to be handed out! The world stands on its head while waiting for the sleaze monkey to stop enriching uranium. Anybody else see the stupidity in all that? KGS
Via Baron Bodissey: US agrees to sell Israel bunker-busters
Jerusalem- The U.S. has agreed to sell 1,000 buster-bunker bombs to Israel — a deal that could significantly improve Israel’s ability to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities. Military experts say an Israeli strike would require bombs that could blast through underground bunkers where some of the Iranian nuclear facilities are located.
Last week, the U.S. Defense Department notified Congress that it has agreed to sell Israel small diameter bombs that are capable of doing that. It wasn’t clear from the defense department’s announcement when the bombs would be delivered.Israel and the United States do no believe Iran’s assertion that its nuclear program is to produce energy, not weapons. Israel hopes Iran can be induced through sanctions and diplomacy to scale back its nuclear ambitions, but has not ruled out a military strike.
The Euro-weenies and US hard Lefties are all uptight over that one for sure, all their stale carrots are being traded in for some very big sticks. Wack the monkey time. KGS

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