Bahrain: US Teacher Charged For Defaming Islam’s Prophet…….

More trouble from the religion that just loves to love you…….
al-AP: A spokesman for Bahrain’s general prosecutor says an American teacher has been charged with insulting the Prophet Muhammad for displaying pictures of Islam’s founder to university students.

Nawaf al-Maawdah says the pictures showed the prophet in ragged clothing. He says the lecturer also insulted a student for wearing a head scarf, which she described as “a barrier to knowledge.” He declined to reveal the name of the teacher or the university.

Bahrain’s Gulf Daily News reported that the teacher involved in the affair works at a private university. According to the report, the lecturer was supposed to apologize to the students for her conduct, but instead proceeded to insult the girl who informed the school’s management of the teacher’s conduct.”

Here’s a case of either a gutsy woman or someone with a death wish. Anyone who follows the news, at least from the Tundra Tabloids, knows, that insulting Islam’s prophet in a Muslim country is a serious no no. But nonetheless, she needs to be both applauded and defended from the 7th century mindset that is currently drawing its knives around her throat. KGS

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