Finnish Islamic Party Fields Candidates For Finland’s 2008 Local Elections…….

The Finnish Islamic Islamist Party is gearing up for the local city council elections set to take place later this year. The tag-team “men in gowns” pictured on the left are none other than the very soul and heart beat of the FIP, Sauli Ingman and Abdullah Risto Tammi!

“Our aim is to promote healthy material and spiritual welfare in Finland and elsewhere in the world according to Islamic faith and values. The party wants to have an effect on politics, legislation and education through Islamic values.

The party promotes sound ways of life by supporting choices that are basing on Islam.
The Finnish Islamic Party wants to present alternatives in the legislation that are Islamic and socially equitable. Our goal is to have a healthier and safer society where adults, youngsters and children can live in a healthy set of values. This kind of impact would make Finland healthier society.This would reward us economically for example with lower social- and health care expenses. This way the Finnish society would develope into better. We work towards promoting things in Finnish legislation that would be Islamic and beneficial to the Finnish people. We aim at protesting things in Finnish legislation that are un-Islamic not good for the Finnish people. The Finish government and municipalities should provide services equally to all citizens. We promote these things mentioned above according to parliamentarism.”

I’m more interested in whether Sauli and Abdullah are actually holding hands. KGS

UPDATE: Is it me or does Sauli Ingman look like the Mash series corporal, Walter “Radar” O’Reilly? Heh heh. NOTE: For those of you not familiar with the native Finns turned Muslim, Sauli Ingman is a jihadi wannabe and his bud, AbdullahTammi, is a former Nazi and still active Communist snitch for the KGB/FSB. Just thought I’d add that extra info. KGSUPDATE: 4.09.08 YLE reports that the FIP has only 3500 signatures out of the 5000 needed to register as a real party. Perhaps in a few years their dream will be a reality, if Finland continues to seek Muslim immigration as an answer to failed social/governmental policies. Supporting the socialist nanny state is the first priority of all the political parties here in Finland. Until that policy is challenged in a meaningful way, immigration will continue to be the “hail Mary pass” solution to an aging populace.

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