Sudanese President Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ For Genocide…….

The man clearly couldn’t be more pleased with himself. Omar al-Bashir shouts to his ‘Allah out of joy’ for being indicted by the world court for crimes against humanity. The Sudanese leader sees no problem in murdering in cold blood hundreds of thousands of people, the systematic rape of women and the reducing of an indigent population into being refugees on the run.
SUDANESE President Omar al-Bashir danced, punched the air in delight and shouted “God is great” in his first public appearance yesterday as a war crimes suspect.
Sudan promised to turn Darfur into a graveyard as it reacted to charges laid by an international prosecutor accusing Mr al-Bashir of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.
The threat was made by an official in Darfur after Luis Moreno-Ocampo, of the International Criminal Court, called for the arrest of Mr al-Bashir over his Government’s campaign of violence in the war-torn region.
The Sudanese Government responded with rallies and a show of defiance by the President. Mr al-Bashir appeared to have hardly a care in the world at a ceremony to mark Sudan’s new electoral law. The message was clear – in Sudan, it was business as usual. More here.
Bashir threatens to turn Darfur into a graveyard, thereby exposing himself and his goverment’s true intentions all along. They have been practicing genocide (or an even better term in ‘Democide’) for years while the hand wringing West practices a macbre game of political correctness. The Chinese and the Russians prove once more why non-democratic states (in the western sense) should never have been allowed a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, with their foot dragging and protection of the Sudanese regime. *L* KGS

Via Pamela at Atlas Shrugs

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