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Israeli Former Girl Friend: Terrorist Tractor Murderer Didn’t Really Hate Jews…….

The story behind the intentional crushing and mangling of Israeli civilians last week by a Palestinian terrorist in a bulldozer, contains yet another twist to the story. The latest news concerns the personal involvement of an Israeli Jewish woman (code named ‘S’) who was at one time, a girlfriend to the man who cold bloodily murdered three people and wounded scores more with his earth moving machine in Jerusalem.

‘S’ was the woman who pressed charges against Hussam Dwayat for beating her up, which resulted with the future terrorist serving some time in jail. But here’s another twist to the story, the dead terrorist’s former girlfriend claims it’s ridiculous to think that Hussam Dwayat hated Jews.

J’lem Post: “The former girlfriend, identified only as S., told Israeli media that her relationship with Dwayat began 12 years ago and lasted more than five years. In an interview published Friday in Yediot Aharonot, she said Dwayat fathered her son shortly before the relationship ended.

She said she did not believe his attack was motivated by extremism. “He really didn’t hate Jews. The fact is that he was with me. It’s insanity, but the motivation was not nationalistic,” the woman told Yediot. “The problem was that he smoked a lot of drugs. Maybe it’s because of that.” He would really hit me hard, but I still loved him. I was willing to convert to Islam for him,” she said.”

Another fuzzy headed nincompoop who can’t see the trees for the forest. We are supposed to believe the words of a woman who have still married the guy in spite of having been used as his personal punching bag? Here’s a clue for ‘Lady S.’ The dead terrorist cared for her as much as he did for the people he crushed under the weight of his bulldozer, while he was busy screaming “Allahu Akbar“.

The fact that she was even willing to convert to Islam for the woman beating neanderthal, proves she has a few screws loose and is in desperate need of counseling. She should be thankful that her relationship ended without her or her son becoming victim number 1 & 2, instead of trying to repair the dead terrorist’s image. That’s right folks, this woman can be placed under the category of “Stupid is as stupid does“. *L* KGS

NOTE: The Israeli woman’s defense of her former boyfriend, is comparable to how the Israeli hard Left defends the Palestinians in spite of the terrorism they perpetrate upon Israelis. It’s a very familiar case of acute Stockholm syndrome on the national level.

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