Saudi Mufti: Acts Committed by Al-Qaida in Saudi Arabia ‘Unacceptable”…….

But what about elswhere? I guess that the murder of non-Muslims is just peachy keen. *L* KGS

AKI: Riyadh, 4 July – A Saudi mufti or Islamic scholar has said that following the al-Qaeda terrorist network is against Islam. “The things that al-Qaeda members do in Saudi Arabia must be unacceptable to any Muslim,” said the Saudi mufti, Al-Sheikh. He released a statement to the media after reports last month that Saudi authorities had arrested hundreds of suspected al-Qaeda-linked militants.
“The young people who leave their country to do Jihad are wrong because they do not respect their leaders,” he said. “He who commits crimes such as those of the deviant sect is nothing but a wicked person who has abandoned his faith and behaves like animals or barbarians.”
The mufti asked all Muslims, and in particular the foreign residents in his country, not to give any support to these groups and to report them to the police. “These deviant sects do not want to save Islam, but only bring instability and insecurity in the country,” he said. “Supporting them means committing one of the biggest sins.
“The mufti’s comments follow a controversial programme broadcast on Saudi TV earlier this week in which several people discussed the key role played by the Internet in recruiting young people to al-Qaeda.”
NOTE: The whole report doesn’t mention once that killing non-Muslims is just as bad of a deed, just about the killing of the religious supremacists, the Saudis. Get it?

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