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Finnish Islamic Party Spokesman Abdullah Tammi Admits Working for KGB …….

I wonder how many lives he ruined on the other side of the Iron Curtain? The spokesman of the FIP could care less, looking rather pleased with himself in the video over his role in ratting out his fellow coreligionists to KGB officials working in Finland.

In the video interview, it became known that Abdullah Tammi was once a member of the Finnish Lutheran Church, 7th day Adventist Church (denied it first, then admitted it), the Mormon Church (supposedly just visited), a Jehovah’s witness evangelist, a member of the Pentecostal Zion Congregation and in a leadership role, then tossed out, but denies it in spite of existing proof.
The man has the morals of an eel, … no offence to any eels of course.
He most certainly looked proud as he spoke of how he acted as an agent for the KGB, informing on the religious activities of the congregations he infiltrated. I wonder if any of the Finnish Commies watching the program felt a tinge of nostalgia while listening to Tammi’s activities?
I advise the Finnish media to please do more interviews with Abdullah Tammi, lets hear more of the kind of Islam he wants to spread here in Finland. I also want to hear how the rest of the Islamic community in Finland responds to Tammi’s remarks about sharia, gender apartheid and women “needing to cover up”. Lets hear what the “moderates” have to say about his enthusiasm for Islam ruling over every aspect of one’s life. I can’t wait. *L* KGS
NOTE: Both videos (in Finnish) of part 1 & 2 are viewable here and here.

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