EIC of Finland’s Swedish Speaking Paper Get’s The Boot…….

Finland’s Hufvudstadsbladet’s editor in chief, Max Arhippainen gets booted. The Tundra Tabloids seriously wishes that it could offer some condolences to the fired ‘former’ EIC of Finland’s main Swedish speaking paper, the HBL, but it can’t.
The TT has posted on numerous occasions about the Finnish media, HBL, and how miserable their reporting is on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The reporting on the conflict under the leadership of Max Arhippainen at the HBL, could be classified as being grossly superficial, terribly imbalanced and downright biased against the Jewish state of Israel.
Perhaps if they spent more time in reporting the news, instead of wasting its readership’s time by pimping for the terrorists, the paper would have a better credibility rating. Oh well, it’s difficult to say what the real reasons were that led to his dismissal, but the Tundra Tabloids can only hope that it was for his gross negligence in allowing his foreign news section to become a hotbed for anti-Israeli reporting.
Later Max, don’t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya! *L* KGS
H/T: Harri S.

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  1. Great Post. I always like picking up a new expression. Your signoff was a crackup. I never expected to pick up something like that from a Finnish blogger. Keep up your good work

    Magdeburger Joe of magdeburgerjoe.com

  2. Thanks MBJ for the good strokes, you are always welcome back to the TT!

    *L* KGS

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