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EU Commissioner Refuses to Take NO For an Answer…….

How often do you get to see the open mugging of democracy? I mean right out there and in your face, without any intention to hide any hint pretentiousness. Well folks, that is exactly what is happening within today’s European Union.

Over at the Brussels Journal, Elaib Harvey posts the following from the England Expects blog:

Key quote from EU Commissioner Margot Wallstrom,: “Don’t forget the European leaders have invested a lot of political capital into this whole procedure“. So here you have the authentic reason why the Irish vote must be ignored. Because the European elite have worked hard.
That pretty much sums it up. They (the EU elites) offered no Plan B whatsoever, because they were intent on ramming the Lisbon Treaty through “come hell or high water”. Watch the video and view the pathetic calls for the continuance of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty /EU Constitution. Their logic is all too transparent as they even try to label those who oppose the Treaty as …..yeah that’s right…”Fascists”.
The only rational response to the EU project, since it has taken a very dictatorial turn, is to end the project once and for all, and return to a loose alliance of democratic states that are answerable to the people. Long live the fighting Irish! *L* KGS

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