Al-Jazeera Israel Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Al-Jazeera Interviewer Gets KO’d by Israeli Professor in Live Interview…….

Thanks to the unstoppable Debbie Schlussel for originally posting this video of an interview -on Al-Jazeera- of Dr.Mordechai Kedar, professor of Arabic studies from Bar-Ilan University in Israel. Dr.Kedar totally kicks the lying butt of the Al-Jazeera interviewer back and forth all over the ME, concerning the issues of Jerusalem, the settlements and the conflict in general.

In short: Hey Arabs, keep your noses out of Israeli affairs, we Jews were living in Jerusalem during the time when your ancestors were still drinking wine and worshipping idols! HAHAHAHA *L* KGS

NOTE: Read what Schlussel writes about Kedar, and his views on Jerusalem…priceless. But I also agree with Schlussel, that Kedar’s statement about his hopes for a Palestinian state… to be unfortunate.

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