Shocker, Jewish Symbols Stolen Again…….!

Throughout their history Jews have had to deal with their sacred artifacts being confiscated by invaders and thieves. Whether they be Romans carting off the Temple treasures (pictured on the left) after the destruction of the Second Temple, or Romanian thieves stealing priceless Judaica from a Hungarian museum, they just can’t leave Jewish stuff alone.
And while I’m at it, even the land that was set aside for the Jewish homeland, was whittled back from the original British Mandate proposal. The Jews only ended up with the 20% of what was originally promised, and even that was in three separate sections. And the Arabs whine about Bantustans not being good enough….but it was enough for the Jews though.
Anyways, getting back to the story at hand. An Egyptian archaeologist, Abdul-Rehim Rihan, now claims that the Jewish Star of Dathanks Nevid and the Menorah are not Jewish symbols at all, but from other cultures! What brass! Take a look at the Arch of Titus in the above picture, I have never seen a Roman relief that even remotely resembles the one being carried off to Rome from Jerusalem.

ANSAmed – CAIRO, June 9 – Judaism’s most famous symbols, Magen David and Menorah, were originated in other cultures and have nothing to do with the Jews, said an Egyptian archaeologist. According to Abdul-Rehim Rihan, head of Dahab Antiquities, some of the antiquities unearthed in Sinai Peninsula revealed that the Star of David was created as an Islamic decoration. The six-pointed star was found at the entry of Al-Gundi fort, founded by Saladin from 1183 to 1187 along the military route connecting the Suez and Aqaba gulfs. The symbol was also marked on a bowl dating back to the Fatimid era that was uncovered by a South Sinai Antiquities expedition in 1997 in Ras Raya district in Tour Sinai, 420 km from Cairo. The Egyptian archaeologist continued to say that the Menorah, the seven-branched and nine-branched candelabrums, has no special Jewish base.

The Menorah was originally described in the Old Testament as a Roman candelabrum dating back to emperor Titus’ era, he said. Menorah is a ceremonial seven-branched candelabrum of the Jewish Temple symbolizing the seven days of the Creation. Rihan said even the Jewish temples were built in the prevailing construction style in its home countries. The Jewish temples in Andalusia was built in the Andalusian design, while in Egypt, the Jewish temples were designed after the same style most ancient churches in Egypt were built, he added.
What brazen thievery, but like I said, Jews have had to deal with such things for centuries. This new bit of thievery hurts even all the more, since it’s robbing one of the more well known and beloved symbols of Judaism, the Star of David and the Menorah. It would be pure irony and just deserts if the wonders of Egypt turned out to be the handy work of aliens. *L* KGS

H/T Baron Bodissey

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