LGF Regurgitates More Falsehoods About Belgian Flemish Party Vlaams Belang…….

To be filed under the heading of All Feathers and no Meat, here is a prime example of yet another empty story by LGF with absolutely no meat to it…whatsoever.
Little did I know, that upon arriving back to civilization from the TT’s summer cottage, that under the banner of “exposing fascism”, Little Green Footballs would be serving up some major hooey …big time.

Personally, I detest the anti-Semite and isolationist in the extreme, Pat Buchanan, never liked him and most likely never will. I hold P. Buchanan to be an extremist Libertarian whose still clings to the Republican party for whatever the reasons, but I do not consider him a fascist. For the record, nor does even Victor Davis Hanson -the author of the story C.Johnson links to- even allude to Buchanan as being a Fascist, secretly or otherwise. Does Charles even understand the meaning of the word?

But what makes Johnson’s usage of the word “Fascist” even the more ludicrous, is when he tries to pin it on the Flemish Belgian party, Vlaams Belang, which is one of the most pro-free market, pro-small government, pro US/pro-Israel parties in Europe. Charles Johnson is simply being overly simplistic and cavalier in his smearing of others with the charge of Fascism, check out the VB’s own party manifesto and see if you can spot anything remotely “Fascist” in it.
Using the logic of Charles Johnson, the case could then be made of the picture on the right, being one of a “Fascist head of state“, Finnish president Tarja Halonen (and Conan O’brian look-alike) accepting the “flag of Fascism” from one of her Fascist commanders of the Fascist Finnish Defence Force.

How Fascist Finland ever escaped the attention of the “Lidless Eye” Charles -Sauron- Johnson, is beyond me. HAHAHAHAHA


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