Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Paleostinians Terrorism

Palestinian Terrorists Attack at Nitzane Shalom…….

Palestinian terrorism comes to Nitzane Shalom which end in two Israelis being murdered just because they were Jews and happened to be close by. Shimon Mizrahi, 53, of Bat Hefer and Eli Wasserman, 51, of Alfei Menashe were gunned down as they were checking Palestinians coming into the area from the West Bank.

Thankfully the security fence prevented the terrorists from gaining enterance into Israel.

“According to the preliminary investigation, at least one terrorist arrived at one of the factories in the complex and opened fire at the two. The gunmen had initially intended to infiltrate Israel but returned to the industrial complex after they were unable to penetrate the security barrier, Army Radio reported.” More here.

Both of them are HEROES: Shimon Mizrahi and Eli Wasserman *L* KGS

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