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Finnish Islamic Party Leader Issues Veiled Threat Against Estonia…….

Abdullah Tammi is back. This time around the bearded wonder isn’t content with whining about Finnish domestic issues, instead, Tammi has set his sights on international politics!

Things must be going swimmingly well for the Islamist and his party of sharia loving misfits, or maybe he’s just trying to drum up support for his party for the upcoming elections.

It’s still unkown whether he has acheived his 5000 signatures so his party can run for local elections.

Press release to the Estonian Embassy

The Finnish Islamic Party presents its concerns over the Estonian government’s participation in both acts of war in Iraq, and in President Bush’s satanic governmental occupation of Iraq.

In accordance to the just mentioned, Estonia’s activities are directed at Islam throughout the world and is a declaration of war against all Muslims. The Finnish Islamic Party requests that the Estonian state withdraws its soldiers immediately from Iraq and respect Iraq’s sovereignty

If the Estonian state continues its acts of oppression, the Estonian government will answer for its deeds of human rights violations in its battle against Islam. We take note that the Estonian state is being directed by the American government.

It rasies a question about Estonian independence: have the Estonians sold themselves to America? For each day of war Estonia will bear the responsibility, what will be the occupiers’ portion in its fight against Islam.

For the Finnish Islamic Party,

Abdullah Tammi, Spokesman

Abdullah Rintala, 1 Vice Spokesman


Suomen Islamilainen Puolue esittää huolestumisensa Viron tasavallalle osallistumisestaan Irakin sotatoimiin sekä osallistumalla presidentti Bushin saatanallisen hallituksen miehitystoimiin Irakissa.

Edelläkerrotun mukaisesti Viron valtion toimet ovat suunnatut Islamia vastaan kaikkialla maailmassa ja on sodanjulistus kaikkia muslimeita vastaan.Suomen Islamilainen Puolue kehoittaa Viron valtiota vetämään sotilaansa välittömästi pois Irakista ja kunnoittamaan Irakin suvereniteettia.

Mikäli Viron valtio jatkaa sotatoimia sekä sortotoimia, Viron hallitus joutuu kantamaan teoistansa vastuun ihmisoikeusrikkomuksissaan Islamin vastaisessa taistelussa. Voimme todeta, että Viron valtio on Amerikan hallituksen ohjattavissa. Herää kysymys Viron itsenäisyydestä: ovatko virolaiset myyneet itsensä Amerikalle?

sotapäivästä Viro tulee kantamaan vastuun, mikä tulee miehittäjien osaksi taistelussa Islamia vastaan.

Suomen Islamilaisen Puolueen puolesta,

Abdullah Tammi, puheenjohtaja

Abdullah Rintala, 1. varapuheenjohtaja

In a Iltalehti article (16.04.08, no link yet available), Vasarahammer reports about an interview of Tammi.
“In Iltalehti there is an interview (of sorts) of Abdullah Tammi. He clarifies his position by stating that he is not making a threat but just warning the Estonians. From his sources he has found out that some brothers are very angry to Estonia for taking part in the war in Iraq and sooner or later they will have to bear responsibility for their attacks on islam. Abdullah Tammi says that he does not support attacks against civilian targets, but hitting military targets is ok. It makes me wonder what is the difference between civilian and military in his mind.”

Well the man is most certainly making some very serious, veiled threats against Estonia. If more about Tammi and his threats against Estonia are made public, it’ll be published at the Tundra Tabloids straight away. It would be great if the other Islamic branches in Finland would condemn the FIP’s threats. Any real condemnations would be appreciated, and published here as well, with a solid KUDOS from the Tundra Tabloids for doing so.

The question is, will there be any forthcoming? *L* KGS
H/T Vasarahammer

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  1. I was unaware that Estonia was at war with Islam.

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