Brainwashing Finnish media YLE

Finnish YLE Continues With It’s Anti-American Programing…….

It was very predictable, and to a point laughable, what programing Finland’s state TV channel YLE1 would choose to air in honor of the fifth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. To call the propaganda documentary overly simplistic would be too kind.

Last night, we, the Finnish TV viewer, were treated to yet another documentary that casts the US in the role of the big Satan.

[Finland happens to be one of those countries whose state TV media elites actually believes in the anti-US rhetoric coming from Iran.]

If you happened to be one of those anti-US bigots with a head full of cheese (in place of badly needed grey matter) you couldn’t have been happier. The Lefties that run YLE must have been overjoyed with themselves to hear the pacifist hit team of Sean Penn and Norman Solomon, berate the US with all kinds of simple minded smears of war mongering as well as diatribes of “the need for the US government to deceive” the people. Here’s the summary:

“War Made Easy brings to the screen Norman Solomon’s insightful analysis of the strategies used by administrations, both Democratic and Republican, to promote their agendas for war from Vietnam to Iraq. By familiarizing viewers with the techniques of war propaganda, War Made Easy encourages viewers to think critically about the messages put out by today’s spin doctors – messages which are designed to promote and prolong a policy of militarism under the guise of the “war on terror.” Based on the book by the same title.”

Puhleeeeeze. The only introduction to the art of propaganda was the documentary itself. Norman Solomon is the same boob that accompanied Sean Penn to Iraq before the resuming of hostilities (yes a state of war still existed) against Saddam Hussein’s regime.
Leftist Indoctrination of a Trapped Finnish Populace” or “Stumping for Saddam and For Other Tyrants We Want to See Remain in Power” would have been a more apt title for the propagandamentary, which was the product of a bunch of Lefty pacifists that had never met a dictator they didn’t take a shine to. Great going for YLE, for keeping up with their penchant for broadcasting substandard programing and for the viewers indoctrination in the warped thinking of Leftist goo. *L* KGS

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