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UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights: Talk to Hamas……!

John Dugard is symbolic of everything that is wrong with the UN. The man, as well as that international organization he represents at Turtle Bay, are void of both common sense and morality. He is a useful stooge for the Isalmists. Some facts about Dugard.

AFP: It is imperative that every effort be made to bring the violence to an end. This can be done only by negotiation and mediation,” said John Dugard, the special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights. “The United Nations is the obvious body to initiate such talks between Hamas in Gaza, the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah,”

What planet does the man hail from? You can’t hope to negotiate and reach a reasonable agreement with an unreasonable adversary. Please be reminded that Dugard is someone who actually believes that Israel is responsible for the terrorism being waged against it. In other words, women (pieces of uncovered meat) are indeed guilty of their own rape.

It’s time to either close major portions of the UN or start anew, with perhaps a League of Democratic States rising from the UN’s ashes. For anyone really interested in what’s going on, read this background paper from the Israeli MFA, it explains in detail the position of the Jewish state and what they’re up against. *L* KGS

Important note: Definition of a UN expert: “The licence to violate other’s common sense”.

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