Islamic brutality Paleostinians Terrorism

Macabre Palestinian Watch…….

An excellent example of why all cultures are not equal. Palestinians handing out sweets in honor of Jewish blood being spilt. The next time a Palestinian apologist comes crying to the Tundra Tabloids about the plight of the ‘poor Palestinians’, I’ll just direct the loon to this post.

Yes, we have seen earlier instances of the same disgusting behavior exhibited by these type of Neanderthals, like the dancing in the streets of Ramallah on 9/11, as well as the display of bloody hands from the lynching of two Israeli reservists who happened to stray into the wrong area.

Personally, if not one more Euro or Dollar would ever again makes its way into the Palestinian areas, I wouldn’t care one bit. I wouldn’t lose one nights sleep about the ‘poor Palestinians’. I say, let the Arabs spend their own money on them. I say, let the Arabs hand them their sweets, and let them live off of it. More here. *L* KGS

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