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I am deeply honored that the esteemed Brussels Journal republished a comment of mine at the Gates of Vienna, under the tile “Does Europe’s Holocaust Guilt Benefit the Islamists?”

I am reminded of a conversation I had with a Finnish academic a few years ago, who drew a similar comparison between how Europe is currently behaving now, and how Jews in Europe behaved to the coming Nazi danger in the 30’s.

The academic stated that a people who are publicly targeted for violence have extreme difficulty in believing that the words of violence being directed against them, could possibly reflect the true intentions of those who are working towards their inevitable destruction.

It is mentally too difficult of a thought to process and to accept.

It explains why many Jews refused to leave Germany or from other parts of Europe, in spite of the anti-Semitism and instances of violent acts of savagery being directed against them. When approaching doom appears inevitable, especially over a long period of time, the subject will more than likely choose to reject that reality, and replace it with something more acceptable. “It can’t be real, so therefore it is not”.

Ironically, it’s a part of our human psychological make up to help us mentally survive, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will help us to survive physically. What is happening throughout Europe is a collective shutting of the eye, a self inflicted blindness, a form of self delusion and denial on such a grand scale, that it’s is keeping us from clearly seeing the approaching danger.

What makes the fight against Islamism and the eventual Islamization of Europe a much more difficult phenomenon to tackle, is the guilt factor that Europe bears in regards to its genocide of Jews and other minorities during WWII. European guilt over the Jewish Holocaust is a both a correct and direct manifestation of European acceptance of the atrocities that were done in the name of Europe.

But ironically, it is that same European guilt over the Jewish Holocaust, which is now being used by the Islamists, – regardless of whether they are of the violent version or not – for their own advantage and to the detriment of Europe. It is furthering the process of Europe’s eventual entrance into the “Dar al-Islam”, or the House of Islam. KGS

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