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Finnish Minister of Migration and European Affairs Wants Only Clients…….

Want to change the way people think of immigration and refugee policies? Just call them “clients”. In one fell swoop, Finland’s Minister of Migration and European Affairs, Astrid Thors wants to do away with the term “immigrant and refugee” altogether! According to an op-ed in the Finnish online magazine, Uutiskynnys, in the “Client is Always Right“;

“Maahanmuutto- ja eurooppaministeri Astrid Thors haluaa höllentää ulkomaalaisvirastosta maahanmuuttovirastoksi nimensä muuttavan portinvartijan turhan tiukkaa otetta. Tätä muutosta edistämään hän luo uuskieltä, jonka keskiössä on sana “asiakas”. Maahanmuuttaja ei enää ole maahanmuuttaja, pakolainen, turvapaikanhakija tai siirtolainen. Hän on asiakas.

Translation: Migration and European Affairs Minister, Astrid Thors, wants to slacken the immigration ministry’s unnecessary strict measures. In order to do so, she is introducing a new vocabulary which will center around the word client. An immigrant will no longer be known as an immigrant, refugee, asylum seeker etc. He is just a client.

See how that works? Just change the vocabulary and the people will just fall into line. No muss no fuss, the sheeple won’t notice the slight of hand and blue smoke and mirrors of our bureaucratic officials. That is the Orwellian age in which we live. *L* KGS

2 Responses

  1. If a “client” breaks something, he pay.

    That’s good for us, bad for our immigrants.

    But normaly, it’s impossible to refuse a client. That’s a problem for us.

    Just kick these horrible freemason politicians, they work for lucifer and the illuminatis.

  2. Just typical of George Orwell’s Newspeak

    Political correctness is the major threat tothe West.
    Politicians who are eager to implement such stupidities are real treators to their respective countries.
    Shame on Astrid Thors!
    History will remember you such as a useful idiot.

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