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Twas The Night Before Christmas Eve And The Helsingin Sanomat Pimps For Islam…….

Tucked away in the City section of today’s edition of the HS, the Finnish capital’s main news daily publishes a flattering piece that promotes a wonderful image of Islam. The paper of course has the right to report on whatever subject material they deem “important”, but the significance for the timing of the article in question can’t be overlooked.

The article focuses around the Finnish wife of Sami Bakiri, Mari, who converts to Islam in the Lönnrot street mosque in Helsinki. In the article: “In the Mosque all are One Great Family”, Sami tells of the wonders of sharia guiding every aspect of one’s life, “Islam is in practice a guidance for living”. The reader is then given a lesson in how Finnish society makes it harder for Muslims to fulfil their Islamic requirements, when both the interviewer, Jukka Huusko and Sami Bakiri notice the faithful still filing into the mosque long after the service has started.

“Olisi hyvä tulla ajoissa, mutta suomalaista yhteiskuntaa ei ole rakennettu islamin ympärille / It would be good to be on time, but Finnish society isn’t built around Islam”

Yes, Finnish society it isn’t built around Islam, but more than likely Bakiri and company hold very high hopes that one day, the situation will be reversed. And to underline that last point, the reader is then treated to the part where Bakiri leads his Finnish friends to the back of the mosque to see his wife recite the five pillars of Islam and the “shahada”, the portion that makes her into a Muslim. The reciting of the shahada is printed, (just in case anyone really wanted first hand knowledge of it) then Mari states:

“Hyvältähän se tuntuu”, Mari sanoo varovaisella äänellä. “Kaikki tuossa tulivat jo onnittelemaan. Jospa tästä saisi uudenlaista suuntaa elämään.” / “It really feels good”, says Mari in a careful voice. “Everyone there has already came to congratulate. From this could be a new direction for living”.

Once again, the timing for the publication of this article is way out of line, being so close to Christmas, it can’t be taken as anything other than a smack at Christians, and their religious holidays. The Helsinki Sanomat, a paper that consistantly berates Israel and Christians, as well as being the only newspaper I know of whose entire front page is nothing but advertisements.

Nothing like spreading the season cheer, eh? *L* KGS

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  1. Kaupunki section (City) in Helsingin Sanomat is the worst of the worst. It mainly contains green-left propaganda and very little that could be considered news reporting.

    The other equally bad part of HS is Ulkomaat (Foreign affairs) that is a bastion of anti-americanism and anti-Israel propaganda.

    That is why I have long since cancelled my subscription and therefore stopped suppoting that bastion of leftist political activism.

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