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The Finnish Islamic Party is Back in The News……!

Just when I thought it was going to be a slow news day, I opened up the central Finland newspaper, the Keskisuomalainen, and what did I find?

Islam makes Sauli happy!

Well color me green! The secretary of Finland’s first ever Finnish Islamic Party (FIP) was interviewed in the Keskisuomalinen today, which pretty much follows his journey into Islam, up until the present day. According to Ingman, he is originally from the town of Pieksämäki, became a Muslim in his early teens, and moved to a town called Saarijärvi, which is actually very beautiful area not too far away from me.

According to the article, eight years ago during the war in Chechnya, Igman became interested in doing some jihad of his very own, becoming yet another Finnish convert to Islam that wanted to wage war on the Russians. Ingman wasn’t able to (so he says) to receive much help from the Internet, so he didn’t get a chance to see any fighting.

” Suomesta ei olla tekemässä teokraattista tasavaltaa / Finland is not going to be made into a theocratic state”

Now let’s see how fast the Islamist learned his lesson, which is, if you (the Islamist) ever intend to be successful in your true goals, never really say what they are.

“Secretary Sauli Ingman says, that the objective of the party is not to change Finland into a theocratic state, but to promote Islam’s healthy set of values, material and spiritual welfare in Finland.”

Arghhh. No thank you Sauli, your agenda means the eventual introduction of multiple wives, severed limbs, no music, no beer nor dancing and very boring TV. We Finns (you used to belong to its culture) love music, good suds and dancing with the opposite sex.

Besides, Abdullah Tammi already let the cat out of the bag” in the FIP’s first meeting with the press. If I remember correctly, Tammi answered that “sharia in Finland would be great!”

Sorry Sauli, until your party categorically denounces sharia as being totally incompatible with modern day society, you and your group will be continued to be viewed as Islamists, until proven otherwise. *L* KGS

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