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Muslims Offended in Norway…….

Oh my, Muslims in Norway are forced to deal the memoirs of Carl I. Hagen in “Ærlig talt” – Speaking Honestly. According to Hagen Mohammed is a warlord, a man of violence and abuser of women. Well, just what has he got wrong in his analysis?

In the opinion of the Tundra Tabloids, he has spoken honestly and describes the actions and thinking of the ancient warlord very accurately. The modern day understanding of human rights of course spring from the Judeo-Christian tradition, not from the sandy hills of the Arbian peninsula. The Aftenposten article reports:

“That the Islamic council is disappointed and angry and furious is as expected. I had more or less counted on this to happen when I wrote that,” Hagen told newspaper Vårt Land.”

Well kudos to Hagen. He knew very well the hypocritical “outrage” he would encounter for telling his views on the medieval belief system of the desert warlord. Muslims will just have to “suck it up” and realize that non-Muslims have their own views of the founder of the Muslim religion. Others would be very correct in claiming that it isn’t a religion at all, but a cult, built around the personality of man who incorporated different ideas and texts from Jewish and Christian holy books.

Hagen goes on to say: “that the government’s handling of the matter led to freedom of speech “taking a back seat to respect for the warlord, man of violence and woman abuser Mohammed, who murdered and accepted rape as a method of conquest”.

After reading vast portions from the Qur’an, I will have to say that Hagen’s views are consistant with the historical record represented in the history and teachings of the Qur’an and the Hadiths. More here. *L* KGS

Note: I repost a quote found in the Gates Of Vienna comment section by “GTW”:

I’ve gradually begun to see Islam as the first “cult” in the modern sense of the word. A charismatic leader who demands his followers choose him over their families; won’t forgive those who leave the Cult; stresses the need to keep apart from those that don’t believe; and last but not least, has a very firm set of rules- including the most imortant one: All the rules can be bent by me, the founder, when it suits my whim. This is why, despite my normal inclinations, I sometimes wonder if Islam ought to be banned in the US.”

It’s a slam dunk. *L* KGS

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