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Hamas: Fattah Police Defecting to Al-Qaida’s Army of Islam…….

The ever reliable J’lem Post journalist, Khaled Abu Toameh reports that sources from within the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry, have indicated that scores of Fattah policemen have joined forces with the Army of Islam, a known affiliate of the Al-Qaida terrorist network.

That shouldn’t really be so surprising, since there are very little differences between the various Palestinian terrorist groups. The Palestinians for the most part, wage their dirty terrorist war against the Jewish state of Israel, not exclusively for a homeland of their own, but for religious supremacist reasons, as a fight against the Jewish state for the glory of the whole Muslim Ummah.

“The Army of Islam is headed by Abu Muhammad al-Ansari, who is also known as Mumtaz Dughmush. Ansari is a former PA Preventive Security Service officer in theGaza Strip. He belongs to the Dughmush clan, whose members have kidnapped several foreign nationals, including BBC reporter Alan Johnston, and bombed Internet cafes, hair salons and restaurants.

The Army of Islam, which is described by some Palestinian security officials as al-Qaida’s branch in Palestine, was one of three groups that participated in the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilad Schalit in June 2006. The other two groups were Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees. But Hamas has since distanced itself from the Army of Islam, whose members have been kept away from Schalit.

It did so after suspicions were aroused in Hamas that Ansari had received money from Fatah security officials to reveal the whereabouts of the soldier. Tensions between Hamas and the Army of Islam reached a boiling point immediately after Hamas took over the Gaza Strip. The Army of Islam initially refused to release Johnston, but later did so after its leaders struck a deal with Hamas.

What we have here are groups of fanatical Islamist extremists who pretty much are in line with Al-Qaida’s thinking and agenda, but for tribal reasons, are not willing to give too much ground to the other main group of Islamist fanatics,…like Hamas. That Fattah members find no trouble shifting from the so called “moderate” Fattah to the Army of Islam, is not so much of a big obstacle to hurdle as one might think.

Just like the Vichy Socialists/Communists (and many other Socialists/Communist throughout Europe before and after WWII) who exchanged their red shirts for black and then back to red again after the war, the various different Islamist groups are not troubled by the slight differences in Islamist goals, as much as they are by tribal allegiances. More here. *L* KGS

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