Anti-jihad EU meathead politicians

In a Post 9/11 Europe…….

Soon it will be six years to the date, when 19 Islamist suicidal/homicidal jihadis took to the skies with their collection of box cutters and fake bombs to reek havoc upon the seat of America’s political and financial institutions, intending to drive four heavily fueled planes –filled with unsuspecting travelers– into the buildings of the Pentagon, White House or Congress and the World Trade Center in New York.

Six years after that monumental tragedy and outrage on 9/11, you would think that Europe –which said it “stood by America in its hour of need”– would not be banning a peaceful demonstration protesting Europe’s drift towards an eventual Islamization of its western culture and democracy, on the anniversary of that fateful day.

It appears that the capital of Europe has had a change of heart since then, not even willing to allow a moment of thoughtful silence in the memory of those murdered by Islamist extremists on 9/11. For the mayor of Brussels and his clan, refuses to allow the connection of Islam with the terrorist attacks on American soil,….doing so would hurt his voting base. And we can’t have that can we?

How wrong you would be, to have believed that Europe had indeed woken from its own slumber on 11.09.01, for the decision by the mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans, to ban the 9/11 protest demonstration has laid all of Europe’s smugness, denial and stupidity open for the world to see and be disgusted by it, …to the point of vomiting one’s guts out.

Paul Belien: “Freddy Thielemans, the Brussels’ mayor, is a secular fundamentalist who hates religion. On the day of Pope John Paul’s death he ordered “Champagne for everyone.” Freddy backs the Islamists, not because they are religious people, but because he knows that they are intolerant totalitarians like himself. That is precisely the reason why his party, the Parti Socialiste, teams up with the Islamists, offering them good places on its candidates lists at election time and letting them become Belgian politicians.

If we are not allowed by secularist and Islamist extremists (and their allies in the Belgian judiciary) to state that Muslims committed the hideous carnage of 9/11/2001 we indicate that there are no such things as radical Islamists on the one hand and moderate Muslims on the other. Ordinary Europeans, who do not have Muslim friends but who know the truth about the 9/11 criminals, will come to see all Muslims as equally dangerous and evil. That is why I consider the CoS ruling as more than a mistake, a stupidity, a miscarriage of justice, it is a crime.”

Paul Belien from the Brussels Journal has more here. *L* KGS

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