Britain Dhimmitude Islamic Intolerance

British Knee a Bending……?

For those who haven’t been following the news about Britain’s Channel 4 network –which produced a documentary using investigative journalism to uncover Islamist extremism inside British mosques– the commissioning editor of the ‘Dispatches’ documentary, Kevin Sutcliffe, was hauled in to the Nottinghamshire police station, at the behest of Anil Patani, Assistant Chief Constable.

According to the Sheik, at the Winds of Jihad: “Anil Patani’s West Midland Police investigate the film – then investigate the film-makers and ask the CPS to consider prosecuting them for stirring up racial hatred.”

Anil Patani happens also to be a Muslim, and someone who supposedly isn’t fit for the job, seeing that he “was rejected for the post of superintendent after tests told his superiors he was not up to scratch.”

Only in a state filled with cowardly appeasers, could preachers of hatred be cast as the victims, while the ones who uncovered their bigotry and hate speech be accused of the same. The Sheik has more here. *L* KGS

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  1. It's a common enough leftist police-state tactic. In the USA, the Boston Massachusetts Police Dept has been arresting anyone filming them in any potentially abusive behavior, charging them with illegal surveillance. More famously, the Obama administration Justice Dept was looking into laying illegal surveillance charges against the filmmakers who recorded the ACORN workers who were advising the filmmakers how one would go about setting up brothels to employ underaged illegal aliens, using govt loans. Not surprisingly, no charges were contemplated against the ACORN workers for conspiracy to defraud the US govt. In the UK, I listened to some govt spokesman speak of plans to go after those who hacked the Climategate emails, with not a THOUGHT toward pursuing those whose fake data is aimed at defrauding the entire population of the industrialized world.

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