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Iranian Christian Convert Receives The Lash For Having a Bible on His Dash…….

My my my, the “religion of no compulsion” just recently bloodied the back of a man whose sole “crime” was to have been a Christian convert from Islam. I shouldn’t really just chastise the Iranians, since the Saudis, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Afghanis, Hamastanis, Hezbollahanis etc. etc. would do the very same thing if given the chance.

I’m sure that I am failing to mention MANY MORE Islamic states where officials and other groups would love to tear the hide off of someone’s back who dared to renounce the moon god, ‘Al-Ilha’ and his prophet.

This is one more reason why Iran should not be allowed to acquire nuke weapons. Though human rights violations in Iran are indeed atrocious –and I’m talking about real human rights violations, remember the recent forcing of people to drink from butt washing canisters because they dared to wear western clothing?– they will only worsen when Iran has a weapon to deter international pressure. More here. *L* KGS

By way of the Winds of Jihad.

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  1. You know that’s all untrue! Man has never stood on the Moon and the Sun actually circulates around the world. Those are just Jewish conspiracies in order to make other peoples lose their mental healthness. It is just a lie that Islam orders to spread itself in a violentful way. At least I haven’t been able to read it in Koran since I cannot Arabic. Neither have I seen the Earth and its shape from the space (which I said is impossible to visit due to many scientific studies which imply there is not energy enough on the Earth to create a space rocket), so I do believe the Earth is flat. You should, too. It makes my life much more simple as I don’t need to consider complex issues from various views. I believe in what I see, hear and feel. I would know if they were hallucinations, because then I wouldn’t see, hear or feel – would I? Islamist extremists are not bad people – they have the right to punish, torture and kill other people, because they have the right to punish, torture and kill other people, because they have the right!

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