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Finn Leads IAEA Team to Iran…….

The IAEA finally shows Iran its teeth and muscle, by bringing in its big gun, Olli Heinonen, Deputy Director-General of the IAEA. Mohamed Baradei’s endless talk sessions with the Iranians will now be followed up with more talk sessions by his number two man.

YLE TV 1&2 had film footage yesterday of the smiles and handshakes floating around the room, on the first day of Heinonen’s scheduled visit. I’m sure that Heinonen will be pounding his fist demanding a reasonable explanation for Iran’s tunneling into the side of a mountain.

I can now envision the Iranian’s suddenly changing course and behave like the Ukraine and S.Africa, and immediately open up every building that they have, that has any connection to its nuclear industry. First sign of proof “Heinonen’s team will not inspect any nuclear facilities on this visit.”

Eh, yeah…right. More here. *L* KGS

Update: Another Scandinavian country showing it has stones. Norway is standing tough against Iran over their recent execution of a man (by stoning him to death) for supposed adultry. Norway’s Statoil has big busness ties in Iran:

Norway has long condemned stoning and already had lodged protests with Iranian officials. The Parliament’s foreign relations committee threatened to cancel a long-planned visit to Iran late last month if the threatened stoning took place. It didn’t, and the Norwegian parliamentarians proceeded with the visit to a country where state oil company Statoil does business. It remained unclear whether the Norwegian Foreign Ministry’s strong criticism of the stoning would have any consequences on Statoil’s business activities in Iran.

More than likely not. More here. *L* KGS

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