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Sweden’s STT Offers Classic Example of Brainwashing…….

Over at the Swedish blog TT-kritik, the Tundra Tabloids’ Tundraman took notice of a good post that shows the signs of the Swedish media’s brainwashing of its public. Tundraman offers his observations on what is wrong with the Swedish TT’s article and how it disingenuously misleads the reader.

Tundraman: This is a very good example on the craftsmanship of brainwashing – not because it occurs once or twice, but because it is systematic (and even more so in Finland than in Sweden, no doubt!). The story simply tells about the translation into Swedish (by the Swedish equivalent of STT) of the a news item regarding the beginning of the occupation of the red mosque in Karachi. While the original Reuters news first informed about the fact – that one security guard and two students had been killed – it also said further down that the situation started with students inside the mosque attacking the security guards and trying to rob their weapons and take hostages.

This information had also been included in earlier news items ignored by the Swedish STT. In contrast, the latter presents unverified information from a priest inside the mosque, and as a consequence, the only thing the Swedish public will know is that “eight students” had been killed – no security guards, nothing. The text concludes (TT-kritik), however, that the censorship is hardly deliberate, rather it is an automatic reflex – well this is the worst part, because it underlines the subconscious nature of it all – people are not even aware of how well the brainwashing has already succeeded!

I just recently posted on how the Finnish STT refused to mention the fact that some children remaining inside the Red Mosque have been brainwashed into wanting to become “martyrs” for their Allah. This is most certainly a sign of selective news reporting that intends to steer the reader into believing that all who remain in the mosque (women and children) are being held there against their will, while the evidence supports the contrary. *L* KGS

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  1. Swedish media has a deliberate self-censorship policy that, e.g., prevents them from publishing the ethnic or religious affiliation of criminals. This has given the ugly nationalist Sverigedemokraterna a lot of traction as truth sayers.

    My bet is Sweden will be the first country to lead Europe in to a Latin American decline.

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