Sweden Tomfoolery

I’ve Got Planes to Bomb Says Swedish Kurdish Singer…….

Dilbahar “Dilba” Demirbag lost her cool in a Swedish airport while answering a standard set of questions from a US Airways representative. Believing that she was being detained longer than all the other “non-Middle Eastern looking passengers, Demirbag then added to her troubles by remarking to the rep:

“I replied that I had some planes to bomb on the way home. He didn’t find that a bit amusing,” she told the newspaper.”

Gee Dilba, a very stupid move. Another passenger waiting in line states that everyone there was subjected to the same line of questioning, it’s just that Dilba took it on the nose that she was some how “singled out” for more questions that every one else.

What a whiner. She is also a nit wit for mentioning “BOMB” in an airport. *L* KGS

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