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Michael Yon’s Report on The Killing Fields of Al-Qaida in Iraq…….

This is a must read, and as far as I can ascertain, the massacre of a whole village (Diyala) full of men, women and children just hasn’t received much coverage…if at all. Al-Qaida terrorists butchered them, even cutting off the heads of the children. Michael Yon reports:

“Soldiers from 5th IA (Iraqi unit) said al Qaeda had cut the heads off the children. Had al Qaeda murdered the children in front of their parents? Maybe it had been the other way around: maybe they had murdered the parents in front of the children. Maybe they had forced the father to dig the graves of his children.”

The true nature of the beast. That is why Iraq can’t be allowed to fall into the hands of its enemies. The butchery would be horrendous. Micahel Yon also wonders why the media is not interested in a story that can be factually verified –not being the product of insurgent sympathizers who work as Iraqi stringers for the MSM– even offering his report and pictures for free.

Power Line has republished a comment from a journalist who thinks he knows why:


Yon’s story doesn’t get attention because it is humiliating. It is humiliating because it is obvious that we media – and our allies in the state department, the legal trade, the NGOs, the Democratic Party, the UN, etc., – can’t do squat about such determined use of force.

Our words, images, arguments and skills can’t stop the killing. Only the rough soldiers and their guns can solve the problem, and we won’t admit that fact because the admission would weaken our influence and our claim to social status.So we pretend

Yon’s massacre – and the North Korean killing fields, the Arab treatment of women, the Arab hatred of Israel, etc. – doesn’t exist, and instead focus our emotions and attention on the somewhat-bad domestic things that we can ‘fix’ with our DC-based allies. Things such as Abu Ghraib, wiretapping, etc. When we ‘fix’ them, then we get status, applause, power, new jobs, ego, etc.Please don’t be surprised. We media are an interest group not much different from the automakers, the unions, and the farmers.


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