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Gee, What Would These Guys do With Pakistan’s Nukes if They Could……?

What a chilling thought. These Taliban supporting “rage boys” are clamoring for Islamic justice, the meatheads are in an uproar over the Musharraf government’s close working relation with the US.

Keeping a lid on this festering sore is going to become more and more difficult, if the Pakistan intelligence service (ISI) heads keeps sympathizing with the Taliban. I’m sure that they believe that they can “handle the mob of fanatics”, but so did the Shah of Iran.

Al-Reuters has it that the deadline has passed, and that a shoot to kill order is in effect against anyone showing signs of resistance.

The Khaleej Times reports that women and children are leaving the mosque, and that 250 male students want out as well. But the clerics want to stop the women from leaving, becuase they’re great “human shields”. Why am I not surprised? *L* KGS

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