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Hamastan, A Return to Pre-Oslo Status…….

There is just no getting around it. The dynamics to the “Palestinian question”, their (and the Arab Leagues’) filthy terrorist war against the Jewish state of Israel and continued rejectionism of the two sate solution has brought the conflict to where it now sits.

Barry Rubin penned the following in a Wall Street Journal article:

The seizure of the Gaza Strip by Hamas opens a new period in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Middle East. A new Islamist state is being established and it doesn’t bode well for the West or regional stability.

And yet we can hope that something will be learned from this experience. Israel’s left-leaning Ha’aretz expresses the lesson with what some would call British understatement: “Anyone in Israel still contemplating the question of a Palestinian partner might also need to do some rethinking. In Gaza, at least, it seems there is nobody left for Israel to talk to.”

That pretty much sums it up for me. The Hamas –as far as Israel vis-a-vis the Arab world is concerned– has wrapped up the conflict into the flag of “intransigent rejectionism” flown by the Arab League during the Khartoum conference that issued the infamous “Three No’s”, No recognition, No negotiations and No peace.

There is no one with whom Israel –at the present time– can honestly negotiate with, in spite of the recent call for a meeting of the Quartet to discuss what can be done ect.. Abbas surely doesn’t speak for the members of the terrorist gang Hamas, and the Palestinians who support Fatah have time and again voiced their opinions in an umpteenth number of Gallup polls that reject Israel’s right to exist!

IMHO, there is no moral difference between the supporters of Hamas and of the Fattah, as well as the difference between their ultimate aims, that being the total destruction of the Jewish state of Israel, with a Palestinian entity sitting on its remains. Anyone is of course free to explain to me why this isn’t the case. I’d love to hear the rationale. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. There is no moral difference between the two, just as there is no difference between the moderates and radicals. Bottom line is, as you mention and we all know, Peace for them is a region sans Israel.

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