Dhimmitude Norway Paleostinians

Norway Resumed Direct Aid to Palestinian Government…….

So Norway resumes direct aid to the Palestinian government, no surprise there, they have been chomping at the bit to do just that ever since the boycott of Hamas was first implemented. Norway remains hopelessly locked into the Palestinian orbit, as a state runs by stooges who have cast any sense of morality out the window ages ages ago.

The Norwegian political elite are tightly locked in their thinking which refuses to hold the Palestinians accountable for the decisions they make, no matter how disastrous and cruel to their own people. They are in part responsible for the Palestinians’ continued intransigence against ending their filthy war against the Jewish state.

As long as Palestinian “leaders” are assured that ‘Dhimmi’ Scandinavia will always be there to ensure that their terrorist war on Israel will never lead to any long term financial consequences, they will continue to wage it while playing the victim. For the Palestinians, Norway is a sure bet. More here. *L* KGS

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