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They Just Want War…….

Tundra Tabloids’ reader Markus, sent me the following link to an article by David Frum, titled “Hamas Wants War”. It’s a pessimistic view of the present situation in the Palestinian Authority that has seen —in spite of the joint US and EU boycott– a revitalized Hamas that is presently kicking Fattah’s butt all over the Gaza Strip. The article points out the fact –that I have mentioned before on this blog– that:

the Palestinians are currently receiving “$300 per person, per year, making them the most aid-dependent population on Earth. (The people of sub-Saharan Africa receive only $44 per person per year.)”

Frum goes further to add that Hamas is bent on drawing Israel into the fray in order to galvanize the Palestinians against their common foe, but under the “leadership” of the Hamas. Taking into consideration that the Fattah is not the same terrorist organization it was under Yasser Arafat, being badly splintered along both clannish and criminal lines, sometimes with the two being completely indiscernible, the Hamas then is in much better shape to carry the fight to Fattah as the more disciplined fighting force of the two.

One of the interesting statements to come from Hamas is the charge that Fattah is a lackey of the Israelis, Solomonia weighs in on the issue stating correctly that:

“Yasser Arafat is in stable condition after dying at a Paris hospital, and Mahmoud Abbas is his successor as head of the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah political/terrorist movement. Fatah says it’s “absurd” that it would be working with Israel against the terrorists of Hamas–but that of course was the entire point of the Oslo accords. It’s a sad little postscript to President Clinton’s peace efforts.

It’s what Israel gave the Palestinian Authority training and 40,000 AK-47s to do. Can you believe it? Of course they never had any intention of enforcing law and order and a peaceful future.”

Entirely correct. The Palestinian Authority under the control of Yasser Arafat’s Fattah, were to provide assistance to Israel to help reign in the terrorists and end the violence, but instead, ended up supplying fellow terrorists with weapons and money and logistics to help carry out terrorist attacks against Israel, while pleading ignorance and victim hood.

Now we see Hamas’ star rising with the Fattah’s in decline, but in the end, neither Palestinian side is willing to end the conflict, it’s just that Hamas is more honest of the two concerning its main goal, the destruction of the Jewish state. *L* KGS

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  1. Excellent post, glad to note Frum is a Canuck. Very uneasy feeling about these recent developments it seems to portend something bigger in the making.

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