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Hamas’ Terrorist Mickey Moussa is Back……!

Hamas says “take a hike” to all that outside interference, if they want to commit overt child abuse, it’s their right they say. So the Disney look alike is back on the air teaching his alter universe message of hate and death from a character that is synomonous (the good Micky that is) with love and understanding for all.

“Farfur, star of the Al Aqsa TV children’s show Tomorrow’s Pioneers, was joined on today’s broadcast by his regular co-host, a little girl named Saraa. Today’s program also featured an adult, Hazim, who delivered most of the show’s messages about Islamic supremacy. Hazim told the child viewers that Islam will spread all over the world, including Spain, and that the spread of Islam is for the world’s benefit. He said the “massacres” in Iraq Lebanon and Palestine will be replaced by “love and justice” under Islamic rule.”

More here and here *L* KGS

Here’s the video:

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