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What They Say, Hamas Leaders in Their Own Words…….

For those who are not aware of what Hamas really stands for –yes even after joining the so called “unity government”– I include the “top ten” list of Hamas’ pearls gleaned by the Israeli MFA over a period of months since the formation of their disunity government.

OBTW, the only thing that unifies the different branches of the Palestinian terrorist enterprise, is their hatred of Jews. More here. *L* KGS

• Fathi Hamad, Hamas Member of Parliament, to al-Aalam Iranian radio in Arabic, 15 March 2007:
(prior to the swearing-in of the Palestinian Unity government):

“Hamas rejects the Arab [peace] initiative and wants Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea. If today Israel cannot be beaten militarily, it will be possible in the future.”

• Dr. Ismail Radwan, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, to Hamas TV, 3 April 2007:
“Hamas is readying itself for the entry of the IDF into Gaza and there is no point in calming the area while the IDF continues to operate in Gaza and the West Bank. All factions, all military groups must be ready for real battle when the IDF escalates the situation.”

• Dr. Mahmud al-Zahhar, Hamas leader in Gaza,to Hamas TV, 3 April 2007:
“Entry to the capital means the state falls. Entry to Al Aqsa Mosque means entry to Jerusalem, it means the fall of that state that sees Jerusalem as its capital. Entry there will be victorious.”

• Sami Abu-Zahary, Hamas leader in Gaza, to Hamas TV, 6 April 2007:
“These are the founding Hamas principles on which we raise our children and in which we believe:

Armed resistance
Non-recognition of the occupation in any form
All Palestine from the river to the sea
The holy places and Jerusalem
The right of return


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