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EU Agrees to Penalties For Racism and Xenophobia……..

The news of this measure that is being discussed by the EU Council of Ministers, will be greeted with enthusiasm by those who stand to gain from it the most. No, I am not talking about a growing and very assertive Muslim population in an EU “Eurabia”, though Muslim “non-modernists” do stand to use the prospective legislation for their own gain, –by wielding it as a club to fend off any kind of constructive criticism by modernist Muslim and non-Muslim thinkers– but about an ever growing, all encompassing European “nanny” Union, whose bureaucratic laws will someday supplant the current judicial laws of its member states.

Islamists in Europe will of course sure to be emboldened by the ambiguous wording of the proposed measure as observed by The Brussels Journal:

“will find itself defined by judges and lawyers, the EU’s judges and lawyers. Not a prospect that fills me with confidence.”

Big Brother, Intrusive Nanny State or the Devil in Disguise are suitable descriptives for the entity in which we –here in Europe– live. Given the deplorable track record of those “dhimmified” Eurocrats that bend towards Mecca, I can only assume that this is one more measure that was concocted with the appeasing of the Arab League in mind, not individual human rights. Most EU states –or all– have already met the stringent requirements for EU membership, and that means having adequate legislation to safeguard the basic human/civil rights of its citizens and other residents residing in the member state.

Here in Finland, the state already has laws on the books that cover incitement against any national, racial, ethnic or religious group:

2.4.2. Penal Code: Sections 6, 7 and 8 of Chapter 11 of the Penal Code enact as punishable genocide, preparation of genocide and incitement against a population group when any national, racial, ethnic or religious group or any population group comparable to these groups is the object of certain activities. In a suspected case of incitement against a specific group of people an order from the Ministry of Justice is needed before the prosecutor can proceed.

I trust the Finnish judicial system more than I would Brussels’s, with the former having already taken action (last year) against two Finnish newspapers for publishing a highly anti-Semitic op-ed. The question here in Europe isn’t that we need to equally protect all of our citizens, we already have laws that do precisely that. Without laws that safeguard the basic freedoms/civil/human rights of the individual, no state could gain entry into the EU. What we do need though, is not to straddle ourselves with Euro judicial laws that will only end up circumventing existing laws (at least here in Finland) that have already been proven to work effectively.

There are those of course who will disagree with me concerning my defence of the laws that currently exist in Finland, on the basis that the proposed measure to be itself, anti-liberal, that free speech laws safeguard all manner of speech no matter how offensive. One has to remember though that any genocide in the past, was preceded by a consistant pattern of xenophobic haterd through the mass media.

Europe and the US have different histories in that regard, so I won’t be surprised if some or all of the TT’s US readers will object to my opinions. What causes me worry is the over reaching arm of an over bloated EU apparatus that will not be able to handle correctly judicial rulings. Given the EU’s bureaucratic tendancy to appease its Eurabian parters, I could envision its courts being pressured to do the same. *L* KGS

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