Bosnian Muslim Who Massacred Five People Receives Hero’s "Send Off"…….

Bosnian mass murderer, Sulejman Talovic, gets a big turnout at his funeral in Bosnia. I wonder why a funeral for a cold blooded mass murder, would draw over three hundred well wishers who were complete strangers to the family?

D.Schlussel has an angle on the shooting here. Perhaps this is just a case of a kid “losing it” due to a violent past, but why take it out on a society that was responsible for ending the massacre of his fellow Bosnians. Perhaps another scenario was at play here, Talovic was heeding the call of jihad.

Whatever the reason behind his monsterous deed, it still doesn’t explain why hundreds of complete strangers turned out to “forgive him“. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. It’s been called “sudden jihad syndrome”… The same week as this shooting in Utah happened a muslim taxidriver in Tennessee tried to kill a Jewish student who had just gotten out of his cab. The driver had allegedly asked the student and his friend if they were Jewish and then gone off on an anti-Semitic rant. (Not entirely unlike the kinds you can find on Swedish leftist websites…) Then there was the student at a North Carolina university who went on a killing spree with his truck because he felt he was called on by Allah to kill infidels. Then there was the muslim who shot up a Jewish congregation center in Seattle. Then…

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