Mohamed Overtakes Timo as More Popular Finnish Name…….


In spite of the fact that Finland has a relatively low Muslim population, (the number being anywhere between 20 -30 000, in a population of 5.2 million), the Muslim name of Mohammed has overtaken the popular Finnish name of Timo (my son’s name), Jari, Jukka, Jouni, Hannu, Seppo, Vesa and Ilkka. Read here.

According to the YLE news service, “Between the years 2000 and 2006, 724 boys in Finland were given the name Mohamed.”

That means that 120 boys per year, or one Mulsim boy for every 208 Muslims in Finland received the name of Mohammed since the year 2000. However, Juhani continues to be the most favored name by far, with “A total of 1,607 boys were given that name last year”.

I am reminded of similar news coming from the capitals of the EU, and from London. While the those countries mentioned face difficult dilemmas with their growing Muslim minorities, Finland however does not. There was even mention of a reversal in policy concerning the repatriation of some of Finland’s Afghanistan and Iraqi refugees. And it looks like the issue of immigration is not too popular in Finland as well. Read here.

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