Lost In Translation……?

No, just inventive journalism. I occasionally like to observe the Finnish headlines of controversial stories in the US media. It appears Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat has followed suit with the following headline concerning Robert Gates, and his supposed total admission that the US is losing in Iraq, at least if you are one of those who just read the headlines.

HS headline: “Robert Gates: US is not winning the war in Iraq“. Talk about bending, reinventing taking out of context what was said, only further down into the story do you read that he first answered no to the Senator’s question of “is America winning in Iraq“, then quickly qualifing his statement “that the US is neither winning or losing.”

Anyone slightly familiar with the news media realizes the importance of a headline, due to the significant number of people who rarily read any article in its entirety. Sadly this is not the first time the HS has gotten it wrong, I am still waiting for the HS’s retraction on the “30 headless bodies found in northern Baghdad.” It never happened, and the HS refuses to admit it printed a false story. KGS

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  1. Heh – reminds me of a headline Yle used a few weeks ago after the Gaza truce was declared. Here are the headlines:

    Palestinian Militants Attack Israel Despite Gaza Truce

    Gazan tulitauko on pitänyt

  2. YLE as well as most Finnish news media are “inventive” with their headlines, and have only themselves to blame for any of their readerships’ cynicism.

    News reporting should conform to the sciences’ method of info gathering and its dissemination.

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