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The fruit of democracy in the heart of the Middle East. An Islamist misogynist society would put this woman in a burka, Israel’s pluralistic liberal democracy leaves that for her to decide. Which would you rather have? Another good reason to defend the democracy of Israel, and why it’s here to stay. KGS

From the Think Israel website.
Tel Aviv is a 24hr city of culture, entertainment and commerce with wide beaches of golden sands, exotic markets, world renowned nightlife and exclusive shopping centres. A truly cosmopolitan metropolis where new meets old amidst contemporary architecture and ancient, intimate streets. Modern Tel Aviv has yet to celebrate its 100th birthday but at its southern most border, the port of Jaffa has a history that goes back at least 5,000 years. The city is constantly buzzing with the energy of the lively flea markets that line its narrow streets, but even the hustle and bustle of the marketplace can’t compete with Tel Aviv’s nightlife. The parties and barbecues on the beach get started while the sun is still skimming the horizon, and when it eventually disappears everybody flocks to the fine restaurants in Jaffa or central Tel Aviv, and to the clubs and café’s that are alive till dawn.

Hat tip: Joel

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